Sunday, March 31, 2019

.NET Core decorator pattern with DI and Scrutor

I few days ago I tested .NET Fiddle with some .NET code, but since then I found out its biggest limitation: doesn't work with .NET Core. Only later I noticed the .NET Framework version is 4.5, but most importantly it can't be changed.

So, my next test for decorator pattern failed, as I wanted to use Scrutor library with default .NET Core Dependency Injection.

Consequently, here's the Gist from GitHub
As you can see, using this small library, is very easy to add new functionality to existing objects (using Decorate() extension DI method), expanding them, especially when we don't have access to source code to change those objects directly. Besides Decorator it also can scan assemblies (which in fact is the main functionality of the library), working with default .NET Core dependency injection.

In this case I simulated some sort of logging (on console) after interface methods call, but can be used for many other objectives, like adding caching, authorization (before calls), notifications, and so on.

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