Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Visual Studio 2019

If you are following Microsoft's news you know that they launched today Visual Studio 2019. I installed it some weeks ago and worked fine on Windows, except the hiccup I had on Mac with Preview 3. Download it from here.

Watching some videos and reading some articles on VS 2019 I found out some interesting stuff I wasn't aware before:

  • Live Share works for VS 2017 and Visual Studio Code, just install the appropriate plugins. Super handful.
  • Find out about solution filters: load only the projects you need immediately, with easy loading dependencies with a click of a button (notice "unloaded" projects):
  • Even better, you can save that list as a *.slnf file, and reopen easily next time.
  • CodeLens for Community version.
  • ML enhanced search. Very easy to add a class or interface from the search textbox (CTRL-Q). 
  • IntelliCode: analyze your code (ML) for improved IntelliSense suggestions (notice the start in front of frequently used properties or methods):

  • Integrated code reviews (pull requests):

See the whole list of new features.

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