Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Salesforce certifications

 I played with my own org in Salesforce for a while, but lately a few things aligned, mainly the company I'm working for just moved to Salesforce. It was a pretty big move, delivered by a big name in consulting services, but now slowly we (app dev department) have to take more and more on the support part. So I decided to get certified with Salesforce.

Besides this, the company also moved to DocuSign (of course, for e-signatures), which happily integrates with Salesforce. Again we had some consultants working on this, but that sparked also my interest.

DocuSign has free developer instances, which I registered and integrated with Salesforce (dev org). Then, registered with DocuSign University (separate registration), reading the docs, testing and tried (successfully) a first certification: DocuSign eSignature Template Specialist 2020. Then a more important one I was interested, DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Specialist 2020 (after reading and testing the manual + University exercises). Yay! It worked, and even better, all free.

Then the focus was back to Salesforce certification, which I prepared for quite some time. First one is App Builder which I passed 2 days ago:

Yay again! Next one is logically Salesforce Platform Developer 1, which I intend to try in a few days. Hopefully I'll have good news on this one too, very soon.

Keeping busy these special conditions of working from home.

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