Thursday, November 7, 2019

ContactForm github project

It's been a while since I wanted to post a personal project on GitHub, with few features I'm interested in: ASP.NET Core MVC and APIs, Azure DevOps, Azure Functions & AWS Lambda, as well as Docker images. Some other features will be covered in another project I'm working on, but let's keep that as a secret until available.

The project I'm presenting now it's called ContactForm and is available at (see the link on the right side bar). It's meant for a simple contact form processing page, which works with both HTTP POST form data as well as REST API JSON, on the same endpoint (the root of deployed URL). There is more in the files from the project, with this diagram trying to explain different components:

The core of it is a .NET Standard 2.0 library deployed to (, which then is used in ContactForm.Web (web app  + web API), ContactForm.AzFunc (Azure Function) and ContactForm.AWSLambda (AWS Lambda function). Some libraries are using older versions just because AWS Lambda uses .NET Core 2.1, and also at the time of writing this Azure Functions 3.0 are in 'preview' mode.

Depending on the settings in the config file or environment variables it enables email notification and/or webhook posting or REST API call. Also, optionally, you can enable Google reCAPTCHA v2 with visible checkbox. For this last option you need to register your own set of keys or use for testing Google provided samples, which you can find in the readme files in the project.

The web application is also deployed as a Docker image at, read more here.

The core library and web app have some unit testing projects, but very minimal (using XUnit). Also provided Azure DevOps YAML file for core library continuous integration. Some other additions will be added soon.

Comments, suggestions and bugs reporting are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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