Monday, March 11, 2019

NGINX (to Join F5) vs Traefik

I've read today's news, NGINX to Join F5: Proud to Finish One Chapter and Excited to Start the Next, which made me think again about what may come next. Probably

I'm using NGIX for some years, mostly for some small websites (PHP), but also as reverse proxy for ASP.NET Core apps. I like that has a small footprint and open source version was enough for what I needed. It's not difficult to setup and upstream servers are pretty good for load balancing.

Of course I've read "And make no mistake about it: F5 is committed to keeping the NGINX brand and open source technology alive", and probably will continue for years to come this way, but still, this may be a good chance to look with different eyes to Traefik.

I didn't use it for anything, yet, but I'll try it very soon, because from what I've read and seen, it seems better fit for microservices / Docker / K8s clusters and the like. Looks like better integrated with lots of backends and excellent features (like Let's Encrypt automatic support + metrics).

I'm not saying bye to NGIX, but welcome Traefik. See this picture, isn't it cool?

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