Wednesday, November 25, 2020

ServiceNow certification

I got my ServiceNow Admin certification more than 2 year ago and since then I took a few delta exams, an open-book exam about changes introduced by new releases. Until now those delta exams were free, and mandatory to maintain the certification, but with current release ("Paris") they introduced a $200 annual fee.

It was announced almost half a year ago but I didn't actually pay attention to that small detail. Today I received an email reminding me the calendar, as the exam should happen before Jan 7th, 2021.

Sorry ServiceNow, but I think I'll just let this certification expire. My initial plans were different and didn't use this certification at all, so paying $200 / year just to maintain it is out of question. I intend to maintain some other certifications I have, and I'd do it for ServiceNow, too, if they were free, but not in these new conditions they introduced.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

.NET 5.0

Launched yesterday at I've just installed .NET 5.0:

  • Downloaded and installed .NET 5 SDK. Checked.
  • Updated Visual Studio to 18.6. Checked.
  • Read the release notes. Checked.
  • Read EF Core 5.0 release notes. Checked.
  • Watch Checked.
No more release candidate version, and no more .NET Core (except EF), but one unified platform. I'd like that, when all parts will be ready.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Salesforce platform developer 1 certification

 As planned, today I took and happily passed my 2nd Salesforce certification: platform developer 1.

The next one for Salesforce Application Architect credential path will have to wait a while, as the preparation for it will take a bit longer, but hopefully will come.